Join the International Prehabilitation Society

Prehabilitation will revolutionize perioperative care and we are currently witnessing the start of its worldwide implementation. The International Prehabilitation Society is initiated as a means to keep each other up to date on new initiatives and publications. Its main goal is to facilitate the implementation of prehabilitation in all hospitals around the globe.

We want to inform doctors, nurses, paramedics, managers and all others interested in prehabilitation to join the Society. We plan to provide you with:

Three-monthly newsletters on prehabilitation and perioperative care

  • Update on conferences
  • Best practices
  • Expert opinions
  • Options for joining research projects
  • Reduced fee for upcoming events (e.g. next years´ World Conference)

You can join the society using the registration module of the World Prehabilitation Conference. For your registration we charge € 30 annually. During the Eindhoven Conference we will share ideas and ask you for your suggestions.

You can also already leave suggestions for the Society or content for the first newsletter (

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