Nico van Meeteren

PhD, Professor Physiotherapy, Maastricht University Medical Center, The Netherlands

Bio-sketch Prof. dr. Nico van Meeteren Professor dr. Nico L.U. van Meeteren (Amsterdam, 1st of December 1959) currently serves as Executive Director and Secretary General of the “Top sector Life Sciences and Health (LSH; see”, known under the name Health~Holland. LSH is one of the leading sectors in the Dutch economy, and was therefore appointed top priority by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. This top sector aims to contribute to the LSH sector’s success by joining forces and uniting partners along the prevention-cure-care (value) chain. All with a clear mission: vital citizens in a healthy economy.Van Meeteren also is a Professor of Physiotherapy, Physical Functioning with Chronic Disease, on behalf of the founders Maastricht University-Maastricht University Medical Center, Royal Dutch Physical Therapy Society and The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). In addition, Van Meeteren is Chair of the European Network on Action on Aging and Physical Activity (EUNAAPA). The carrier of Van Meeteren started off as a Physiotherapist in a long-stay care facility for the elderly. Subsequently Van Meeteren earned his PhD as a Neuroscientist form the Rudolf Magnus Institute for Neurosciences of the Utrecht University. After 18 years of innovation and scientific validation of prevention, care and cure concepts and educational MSc-models out of the University Medical Centre Utrecht, he became Director of Innovation “Healthy for Live” at TNO, with boardmemberships of amongst others the National Platform Sports and Physical Activity, Body@Work, the Center for Care Technology Research, etcetera. From the latter involvement Van Meeteren was appointed a chair and became thus Professor at Maastricht University in 2013. From February 2015 on Van Meeteren combines this Professorship (0.2 fte) with his main position as Executive Director LSH (0.8 fte). Van Meeteren holds several national and international policy, board and research positions in line with his LSH and Maastricht University positions and his field of expertise. His innovative research seeks to promote successful aging, life style and physical activity, and specifically focuses on functional recovery in (fragile) patients with chronic loco-motor tract pathology during major life events (like surgery, falls, bereavement, etc.). Van Meeterens’ work spans preclinical and clinical settings as well as in society at large with the ultimate goal of keeping up peoples functioning and vitality and consequently encouraging their sustainable participation in society, and, likewise assists macroeconomic growth. In 2009 Van Meeteren was awarded “De Parel” of the Netherlands Organization of Research and Development (ZonMw) for the development and validation of the Better in, better out concept in patients undergoing open heart surgery, a concept that is expanded, generalized and scientifically validated for patients undergoing (upper) abdominal surgery, orthopedic, neurologic and cardiorespiratory and certain oncology surgeries, among others. Van Meeteren and his teams have thus worked to implement Better in, Better out strategies in the Netherlands as well as internationally (Rochester and University Colorado Hospital, Aurora, USA; ZVK, Germany;KWS, Switzerland;Karolinska, Stockholm, Sweden) leading to national and international all sorts of successes for society, industry and science.

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