Gerrit Slooter

Gerrit Slooter, MD, PhD, Surgical Oncologist, Maxima Medical Center, The Netherlands

Gerrit D. Slooter M.D., PhD. is initiator of the 2018 Prehabilitation World Conference and he is proud of his team, the International Program and the Dutch Day. He has been working as a surgical oncologist at Máxima Medical Center for 16 years. His special fields of interest are colorectal, liver, adrenal and hernia surgery. Gerrit is board member of the Dutch Society of Endoscopic Surgery (NVEC) and the Workgroup for Innovative and Endoscopic Surgery (WIEC).  Inspired by prof. Carli he and his team set up the PREHAB study. This international RCT investigates whether four weeks of multimodal prehabilitation can reduce complications and increase Quality of Life. The study will include 714 patients and is conducted by a consortium of nine hospitals in seven countries. With his colleagues he started the Dutch Fit4Surgery foundation to facilitate implementation of the prehab concept in the Netherlands. He is also initiator of the International Prehabilitation Society. “Sharing knowledge and experience” is his motto therefore he organizes various meetings and hands-on trainings in the field of laparoscopic surgery in the Netherlands and abroad. For his involvement in teaching laparoscopic surgery in Central America he was installed as fellow of the Caribbean College of Surgeons and as Honorary Member of the Caribbean Society of Endoscopic Surgeons.

Quote:”Start prehabilitation in your own hospital now. Bring your team.

The patient is the winner…. and so is the doctor, the hospital, the insurance company and the government.

Stop talking,  Start walking.”

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